Ali and baba had been dating


Following Amir's failure to help Hassan, the boys' friendship deteriorates.It is clear that Hassan is still suffering from the attack, and Amir cannot bear to see this, as it makes him feel too guilty for his failure to intervene.While Amir was too late to repair his friendship with Hassan, he was able to find a path towards forgiving himself by rescuing and raising Hassan's son.By making Sohrab part of his family, he is also moving beyond the class divisions that once made it so difficult for him to act as a true friend to Hassan.Although Hassan is Amir's servant and of a lower social status, he is the braver and physically stronger of the two boys.In addition, Amir feels that Baba (his father) prefers Hassan to himself and certainly approves of Hassan's toughness and more traditionally male interests.

Hassan, on the other hand, values Amir's writing and enjoys Amir's story-telling.This moment occurs during a kite-running competition.Amir's kite is the last kite flying in the competition, and Hassan is sent to catch the kite when it falls, which is a critical part of the competition.At this point in the book, Amir is unaware that Hassan is also his father's son; he finds this out in the second half of the book, and this knowledge helps make sense of Baba's fondness for Hassan when they were children.Although he feels jealous and threatened by Hassan because of his father's fondness for him, Amir relies on Hassan as being one of the two people in his life who appreciates his early attempts at writing.He returns to Afghanistan and learns that Hassan had married and had a son, but that Hassan and his wife have died.

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