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Less than a year later, he would create his own game engine, start his own studio and make his own game. "I would just come in and just fix stuff," Kreyling says.

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The comic was sexually explicit, so he knew that trying to sell it on any well known digital game store would be difficult if not impossible. And then a friend of Kreyling's got in touch to discuss an opportunity, throwing a life-changing-sized wrench into that plan.And one of the things was that he was the guy on call if ever got brought down." To keep his sanity, Kreyling took on small programming projects on the side.Things that mattered to him, and had nothing to do with the day-to-day grind at Muse.And following Hurricane Sandy, he focused in on one in particular: a game engine for visual novels.Kreyling was creating an interface for narrative-focused video games — games with static characters over static backgrounds that often give players dialogue choices.Fans love the genre because it lets them play roles in these stories and affect the outcomes — a Choose Your Own Adventure for the modern era, often filled with more nuanced characters than other game stories.

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