Atm adaptation layer validating the atm header

However, individual computers operating autonomously are disadvantageous over the main frame in that they do not share resources among themselves.The use of local area networks (LANs) allows for various PCs within a department to be connected together so that resources may be shared.A virtual channel connection (VCC) is a connection between two communicating ATM entities; the connection may comprise of many ATM links.Payload type identifier (PTI): Indicates the type of data being carried in the payload.Typically, one or more PCs are configured to act as servers to maintain files and to administer the LAN.

For example, the values VPI=0 and VCI=5 are used exclusively for ATM signaling purposes when requesting an ATM connection.

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) trunking over Asychronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC), defined as VTAP, allows for aggregation of multiple VLAN traffic into a single data pipe in a Wide Area Network (WAN) environment.

The largest benefit for the user is that a single PVC can be utilized to aggregate all of their VLAN traffic between two sites.

Each virtual connection may involve several ATM links.

VPIs bundle ATM traffic being sent to the same destination.

To ensure that information is transmitted without corruption, popular arbitration schemes such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineers (IEEE) 802.3 standard/Ethernet or IEEE 802.5 standard/token ring are widely used.

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