Background dating

You put in the person’s name and date of birth and pay with your credit card, and you get a tidy report that shows that he or she has a clean record.

You trusted that report, so how were you to know that the potential employee, who is now working for your company, is actually a convicted felon who has been arrested six times?

I instantly received a spotless report of “No records found” for case records, sentencing records, disposition records or other criminal-related records.

In fact, this person has pled guilty to criminal possession of a weapon (misdemeanor), criminal possession of marijuana (misdemeanor), robbery (felony), possession of stolen property (misdemeanor) and assault (misdemeanor).The site said that the search would be statewide and provide instant access to records of criminal convictions, felonies and misdemeanors.So I paid .95 plus tax for an instant criminal check, using a real person’s name and date of birth.So instead of conducting in-depth statewide criminal searches, online providers tend to include only information such as inmate records (note that most people do not get jail time) and sexual offender registries.Yet these providers get away with saying they conduct statewide criminal record searches.Skeptical of these online background check providers, I decided to put one of them to the test.

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