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The blond was explaining that it would be more fun if they were to pretend that some girl named "Lisa" were there with them and she was forced to take off her cloths and touch their private parts.I decided to take a big chance and walked right up to the fence."Please don't tell mister", said the dark haired boy,"..parents will beat me with a belt! I could see that he was telling the truth about the whippings, from the number of red welts on his legs and buttocks. The boys were quite surprised, and a little relieved that I wanted to join in, rather that stop their fun. "If you want to come over to my apartment, I can show you some pictures and videos that show lots of that stuff", I replied, "with lots of naked little girls." He said that they could stop by on the way home, after school.Little did he know that I wanted to do the same thing to him, but for and entirely different reason. "The first thing I want is for you to let me join you.", I commanded. My large cock was pushing hard against my skimpy lycra shorts and literally sprang our of them as I pulled them down. I told them where my apartment was located and then we all pulled our pants up and said good-bye. M., I heard a soft knocking on the front door of my apartment.It was not unusual to see some of the older kids hiding behind the bushes...

I asked her if she would like to touch it, but all she could do was giggle and smile, she was really starting to feel the effects of the valium now. I pulled her hand over and laid my cock into her open hand."I saw what you did and I heard what you were going to do to Lisa", I announced. The dark haired kid tried to run, but you just can't move to fast with your pants around your knees."Do you want me to tell your teachers and your parents what you were doing? "No, No, we were just kidding about Lisa.", said the blond, still standing with his pants around his knees and his fully erect penis sticking straight out. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles.I got out the cards and we sat in a circle on the bed.As we started to play, I realized that none of them knew the rules of the game, so I would be able to say who wins and who loses.The huge drops of cum made a plopping sound as they hit the ground directly between the two boys. "You can watch videos, look at pictures, or even run around naked if you want", I said, trying to plant an idea.

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