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He simply couldn’t bear returning to the city where he had lost his entire family.

However, Zenit surprised everyone, and won the tournament after a victory against CDKA Moscow, the current CSKA, in the final.

The resulting Great Northern War between the Swedish and Russian Empires, which took place between 1700-1721, resulted in a victory for the Russian Empire and its allies and the subsequent capture of Ingria and the land where the foundations of St. Upon the death of Peter the Great in 1725, the capital of the Russian Empire briefly moved back to Moscow, before returning under the reign of Anna Ivanovna as Empress of Russia between 17.

As the 18th century progressed, the new city began to showcase itself.

READ MORE: The Soviet Cup 1944 – Leningrad Triumphs On and Off the Pitch Despite massive support from their home town, Zenit wasn’t a very successful club during the Soviet era.

At the time of Peter the Great’s ascension to the Russian throne in 1682, he had a desire to build a strategic port which would give it better access to the seas around the Baltic.

It is thus a city with a long and proud history, that is ready to host the World Cup at the Krestovsky Stadium, the home of local pride Zenit St. As soon as Gazprom took over Zenit at the end of 2005, talks about a new stadium in the city began.

If Zenit were to fullfil Gazprom’s ambitions, the club had to move away from the old and outdated Petrovsky Stadium.

Eventually the price of the stadium turned out to be almost ten times higher than the original estimation.

Furthermore, the Krestovsky is also one of the most delayed new stadiums in the world – it was originally announced in August 2007 that the stadium’s construction would be completed by March 2009.

Eventually this led to Gazprom pulling financial support for the construction, which led to the local government having to step in.

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