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Ms Fawkes said sex workers who had experienced violence would not have been in these situations if they had been able to implement some of these safety strategies."Everything a sex worker needs to do to operate safely or to implement basic good business practices was criminalised," she said.Respect is meeting with ministers and other organisations and groups with the push for decriminalisation.A spokeswoman for the Police Minister said the government had no plans to decriminalise illegal sex work.Queensland sex workers say they face a dilemma — break the law to stay safe, or obey it and put their lives at risk.Chrissie (whose last name is withheld) has been working as a fly-in, fly-out sex worker in regional Queensland for the past eight years and is one of many sex workers along with organisation Respect calling for a law change.

Sex education means talking about all the factors that affect children and young people’s sexual growth and development.She said the sex industry was already shrouded in secrecy because of its very nature.Chrissie has been a sex worker on and off for more than 20 years and has learned extreme caution to stay safe.As a parent, it can be difficult or uncomfortable to talk to your children about sexual matters. Shorter, frequent conversations are better than a long, one-off talk.Talking about your child’s concerns can also help them feel supported.She said Queensland's prostitution regulations were drafted with the safety of workers in mind."The Minister has met with the Prostitution Licensing Authority about current regulations in the sex industry," the spokeswoman said.

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