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What began as a failure and as an empty inbox, has somehow developed into an amazing system that I use, and have seen my friends use, with incredible results. I'm ready to teach and help you practice the skills that will get you women without going out and spending all of your money. Because online dating is the future, and if you're smart, then you know that women are looking for a different type of man online, one who is both intelligent and confident, and the way we will set up our profile, photos, and messaging will make sure that which is unheard of for those of you struggling to get a date.

The system is perfect for me, because as someone who grew up shy, online dating helps me meet women without suffering the rejection and the many bar tabs, and as someone who loves the internet, online dating literally sends new women into my inbox every week. The guide is packed with real-life examples of messaging, profile building, and photo selection. You have in front of you the closest thing to a roadmap to picking up and dating the women that you desire online. You will feel like a kid at an ice cream parlor, picking out each different flavor that you want to try out next.

It is the most frustrating feeling to truly want something and to feel powerless over it.

I can honestly say that the clear, no-fluff tactics that I read have got me more replies and more dates than any other advice I have ever read.Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments.Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.Subsequent coverage includes learning about others online (spotting phony photos, checking background); templates for e-mail correspondence; and finding the real thing, including making contact and getting tested for STDs.Ulick is a computer writer and entrepreneur; Wodtke is an editor and author with another book on computer dating under her belt.Discover how to call her for the first time, and what mistakes to avoid!

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